7405 Washington Pike, Corryton, Tennessee 37721

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”


The money raised at this wonderful festival is given to mission. Over the years, the amount raised for mission has grown from a few hundred dollars to $33,600.00 that was raised in 2019. The Church Session determines the recipients of the money. For 2019, the recipients are Living Waters for the World, Love Kitchen, Morgan-Scott Project, Washington Presbyterian Church Designated Outreach, and Wesley House Community Center.

Much hard work, cooperation, and love go into making the Fall Apple Festival successful. The fruits of the labor are most rewarding. A small Presbyterian church in Grassy Valley known for its generous giving to mission - goes to show that it is not the size of the Church that is important, but rather the size of the hearts of its people. Washington Presbyterian Church in Corryton, Tennessee has a very big heart!

The 2020 Fall Apple Festival will be on October 17, 2020!