7405 Washington Pike, Corryton, Tennessee 37721

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”

218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”218 Years (1802-2020) “A Heritage of Faith”



What is a Session?


The Session is the governing body of the church. Nine elders and the Pastor serve on the Session of Washington Presbyterian Church. The Elders on the Session serve in three-year terms or “classes”. Each year, a class of three elders rotates off Session, and another class of three Elders is elected by the congregation to serve a new three-year term. Elders are nominated by the Nominating Committee, then presented to and elected by the congregation.

When Does the Session Meet?


The Session of Washington Presbyterian Church has its Stated Meetings on the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 P.M.

Who is on Session?


Moderator: Pastor Rick McIntee

Clerk: Linda Adams

Class of 2020: Andrew Bowen, Becky Simmons, Edward Thompson,  and Krista Tibbs

Class of 2021: Darrell Acuff, Jerry Brice, and Sally Smith

Class of 2022: Kelly Jeffers and Lee Tibbs